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Axess desks from SBFI are on more trading floors than any other desk in the world. It is the definition of a no compromise trading desk. Axess was created specifically for the challenges of the trading environment. Axess excels at heat management and can easily handle more load than any other trading desk on the market, in both cooled and non-cooled variants. It truly is the industry benchmark.
It offers 30% more legroom than any other trading desk designed by SBFI and can still fit the same number of PCs inside. Its toe space doors allow you to stretch out an extra 8” (200mm) without increasing the size of the desk or sacrificing PC quantities. More space, same footprint.
SBFI desks are the first to comply with the new BS EN527-1 ergonomic standard. Their Axess range of dealer desks offers all four types of desk included within the revised standard and they are fully compliant. SBFI have always worked closely with FIRA (The Furniture Industry Research Association) to keep them informed of the latest developments in ergonomics. This approach has enabled them to design and manufacture not only a premium product but one which complies with the latest standards.
It’s cooler than any desk we’ve ever tested. It doesn’t matter how many PCs you have, we can keep them at their perfect operating temperature. Cool PCs mean cooler traders. Axess is the hub. It was designed to work with the Axiom arm which gives you a quick release monitor connection. Axess also integrates with SBFI’s FUSE line giving you a mass cable disconnection from a single connector. All three interfaces operate together seamlessly and enable you to move and work faster.
Axiom feels like no other trade floor arm you will encounter. There’s a reassuring weight to the controls, the pivots move with a slick precision, and the joints are engineering with absolutely no play. Joint engineering is critical to arm performance and monitor stability. If the smallest vibration is transmitted through a joint, it can cause monitor bounce. SBFI joints have zero slack resulting in zero monitor bounce. The working clamp will git to any home or office desk. The post easily supports the weight of two widescreen monitors. An extension can be added if you need more height and more screens later on.
A worktop grommet allows you to feed cables through the desktop itself. A sliding cap gives plenty of room for power and data wires, then closes up nicely to smarten the desktop. Two specially designed pockets in the centre of the arm allow cables to be securely threaded right to the monitor. Route cables directly from the monitor, through the arm, down the post and through the grommet.
When SBFI designed Axiom they imagined what it would be like to use. They put themselves in the shoes of the people who move and swap arm configurations all the time and they came away with three words… faster… faster… faster. Moving a monitor to attach to a post of worktop beam is as easy as flipping a switch. No tools, no force, just the glide of a single switch. Rail clamps can be detached in a second. Screen heights adjusted in one touch. Heights are fixed for perfect side to side screen alignment.
Everyday items such as paper trays and task lights can be lifted off the worktop and hooked to the slat rail, freeing up a great deal of room at the back of the desk. All of these items can slide to the exact positions that best suit your needs. More rails can be added as your technology needs increase. Axiom can offer two or three tiers of screens and more storage space above the desk. Arms hook on anywhere along the rail, no tools required.