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Cash Management Solutions

Customisable state-of-the-art systems to manage and automate cash flows across industries and retail units.

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Cash management is a major issue for any retail operation. We offer industry-leading solutions that deliver significantly enhanced banknote authentication, increased performance and the ability to drive down operational costs. Our solutions help optimize business processes and improve deployment flexibility while providing fast, efficient and personalized service for customers while cutting down on long queues and wait times.


Counting errors, accepting counterfeits and shrinkage are all threats to store profits. Automating cash handling at the point of sale minimises these risks, reduces pressure on your cashiers and allows them to better engage with your customers. A highly configurable, modular system, our solution can bring benefits at the point of sale, in the cash office or, as a complete “closed loop” solution, can ultimately eliminate manual cash handling in the store altogether.


Bulk Deposit Machines are the ideal solution for back office deposit for retailers, and for banks and CIT companies to provide better and more secure service to retailers, including convenience stores, supermarkets and gas stations. Equipped with state of the art technologies like banknote validation, sorting and serial number tracking this solution is designed to offer a 100 percent transparency in cash handling.


Our self-service solutions combine the efficient self-service of an ATM, the versatility of online and mobile banking, and the personal assistance of a visit to the teller counter. Your customers can perform practically any transaction independently, with assistance from a teller as needed. Your tellers spend far less time handling cash so they can serve more customers, engage in more selling opportunities, and add more value to your business. And you can remove physical barriers to offer a more welcoming, collaborative branch environment.


Teller Cash Recyclers offer real business benefit at multiple levels and provide a comprehensive and integrated solution to address the demands of the customer, the teller and improvements in branch efficiency. Placed close to the teller desk, this solution enables the teller to automate their workflow with deployment flexibility designed into the solution, virtually eliminating start-of-the-day and end-of-the-day set up activities, and providing a consolidated view of the branch cash holding at any given time. It also reduces monotonous and repetitive tasks with advanced authentication and optional fitness sorting capabilities, ensuring a robust first line of defense for the bank branch. The most significant advantage is that it provides a fast, efficient service for customers with fewer queues and a more personalized service that only a fully supported and attentive teller can provide.



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