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Command and Control Rooms

Turnkey design and build solutions for your NOC, SOC, datacentre and control room

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We specialize in the design and build of turnkey projects within the command and control room space. We take into account ergonomics, lighting, distribution platforms, sight lines, technology required and types of information being monitored to create a comprehensive solution. This provides your operators the best environment to react quickly and make decisions based on accurate, clearly presented information. Our solutions support critical applications within the public safety & security, aerospace, military, telecommunications, ports and transportation space.


Sharing up-to-date, accurate information in a timely manner is critical to your business. That can be extremely challenging in today’s work environment. Our large-format monitoring solutions combine network-distributed information management system and high-performance video wall controllers and processors with stunning zero-maintenance displays. This allows multiple users, in multiple locations anywhere in the world to share and interact with control room information from virtually any device, giving them the precise information needed to make fast, informed, mission-critical decisions.


Our ergonomic desks and consoles are created specifically for the challenges of the control room environment. These desks support enclosed PC cages and extraction chimneys to accommodate multiple high power PCs and communication equipment to reduce stress, strain and fatigue. The desks also come with a full suite of accessories which enable all forms of equipment to be safely stowed away or mounted helping prevent dirt and moisture ingress from working process environments.


We recommend the use of intelligent keyboards to simplify workflows saving time and money. These multifunctional keyboards enable you to switch your screen content onto a video wall, or capture screen content from your colleague’s display to your monitor – with just one click. You can control a broad variety of systems from a single keyboard and also facilitates system switchovers and alarms to be triggered by user-independent events.



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