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MS Teams Compliance Recording Offer 3-Wk Implementation up to 25 users

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Recording Solution for Microsoft Teams is an integrated, secure compliance recording solution for centrally capturing, storing, retrieving, and analyzing Microsoft Teams voice calling, chat, screen sharing, video conferencing, and other modes of collaboration across the front, middle, and back-office environments. It can help regulated organizations such as financial institutions, healthcare institutions, and government agencies manage the complexities of regulatory compliance across the communication modes used in Microsoft Teams meetings.


Bot based integration:

– Microsoft Graph API

– Microsoft Local Media SDK


Teams auto-invite the bot when a recorded user joins a call or meeting

Access to voice, video, and screen/application streams

Bots must run on Azure on VMs, the rest of the infrastructure can be anywhere

Bots can be co-hosted with any other server role including Recording Servers and Application Servers

Automatic announcement


Downloads and archive chat messages for:

– P2P/Group chats

– Channels


Designed to support omnichannel communication recording and data management for operational, quality management, and compliance purposes, Recording for Microsoft Teams provides a user-friendly interface and automated features to help:

  • Accelerate call search, playback, sampling, tagging, and monitoring.
  • Facilitate data governance, records analysis, data enrichment, and data export.
  • Make call categorization, data retention, encryption, and data integrity management faster and easier.


Advantages at a glance


– Certified, native Microsoft Teams application

– Compliant recording of all Team Modalities  (audio internal/external, chats, meetings, video calls, content, etc.)

– Turnkey compliance with MiFID II and Dodd-Frank

– Microsoft Azure Active Directory

– Support for Azure cloud and hybrid on-prem deployments

– Support for load balancing and failover

– Integration with the official Teams Compliance Recording API and Graph API

– Azure Cognitive Services for Speech to Text, Speaker Recognition, and Sentiment Score

– Supports all types of Teams endpoints and devices

– Supports always-on, selective, and on-demand recording


For resilient and/or high volume configurations, multiple virtual machines (running the Recording Server role) have to be deployed. In order to distribute the load across multiple Microsoft Teams Bot services, an Azure Application Gateway has to be deployed in front of the VMs.


Virtual machines have to be created in Azure with Recording Server roles which will host the Microsoft Teams Bot service and a Call Recorder service. It is recommended to have the servers in the same region as the Teams tenant. The servers need to have a public IP address.


The following permissions and roles are required to configure the system:

Azure: Application Administrator or Global administrator

Office 365 / Teams: Global Administrator

Windows: Local Administrator


Pricing is based on a  36 month subscription of US$ 750/- per month. This solution is for up to 25 named user licenses for compliance recording.

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