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Intelligent Visual Communications

Intelligent, high-performance, zero-maintenance video systems to fulfill all your mission-critical communication and information management needs.

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Our intelligent visual communication solutions combine network-enabled information management systems with high-performance video wall controllers and processors with stunning zero-maintenance displays. This allows users from anywhere in the world to interact and share vital information, from virtually any device, giving them the exact tools they need to make fast, well-informed decisions.


Sharing up-to-date, accurate information in a timely manner is critical to your business. That can be extremely challenging in today’s work environment. Our large-format monitoring solutions combine network-distributed information management system and high-performance video wall controllers and processors with stunning zero-maintenance displays. This allows multiple users, in multiple locations anywhere in the world to share and interact with control room information from virtually any device, giving them the precise information needed to make fast, informed, mission-critical decisions.


Customizable and available in a number of standard styles, our Interactive IPTV portal is the perfect solution for hotel TV deployments, residential TV systems, corporate boxes and hospital bedside TV systems. The solution uses Smart TV apps to let users access content on their own devices (BYOD) and share their own content with the Smart TV (BYOC). This feature-rich solution also has full digital signage and mobile device streaming options.


Intelligent Digital Signage has taken priority in today’s technologically advanced society. As an interactive and informative advertising tool, it can deliver customized, relevant and interesting multimedia content that could be easily created and controlled. Our solutions enhance the efforts of the sales and marketing teams through content creation and a wide selection of intelligent software and hardware from select reputable brands. This coupled with cost-effective pricing and competitive system technologies enable fulfillment of your firm’s communication needs.


More and more businesses are turning to video to engage, educate and inform their employees, partners, and customers. And it’s never been easier to implement a solution that meets your unique requirements. Our solutions help deliver secure, high-quality IPTV, VOD and media to any device across any IP network. You can record multiple HD video sources and broadcast live or on-demand to help your teams get the information they need to make intelligent, informed decisions.


Seamless delivery of television content to multiple screens and devices does not have to be a daunting challenge. IPTV allows channels to be multicast via your IP network without fear of reduction in picture quality or loss of service, delivered to as many users as you wish and with minimal impact on your network. For any IPTV distribution system, content is acquired from multiple sources including satellite, subscription, terrestrial digital, cable and off-air. The solution we offer helps you combine over 200 channels from these streams. These streams can then be delivered to a set-top box, web browser, streaming application, mobile phone, tablet PC, Smart TV or digital signage system.



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