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United MakGroup joins Verint Systems’ financial compliance programme

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The solution delivers capabilities that can prevent non-compliant incidents from occurring and make sense of large volumes of unstructured data


Dubai-based United MakGroup Technologies, a mission-critical technology solutions specialist firm, has joined a financial compliance partner programme created by Verint Systems.

John Bourne, Verint’s Senior VP, Global Channels and Alliances, said, “The Financial Compliance Partner Programme brings together a broad array of best-of-breed solutions, services and support providers to simplify compliance processes, modernise the way to address complex regulations and automate the underlying infrastructure for financial services organisations.”

Verint’s financial compliance solution—available both in the cloud and on-premise—supports modern work processes and offers a broad range of capabilities to help the financial industry tackle risk and regulatory compliance.

Furthermore, Verint’s capabilities include the ability to capture, retain, monitor and analyse omnichannel communication streams offered by unified communications, trader voice, mobile as well as IP telephony solutions by Microsoft, Cisco, IPC and BT.

According to United MakGroup Technologies, these capabilities are augmented by automated operational verification, proactive communication governance and an open approach to facilitate integration to address sophisticated requirements for record-keeping, monitoring and compliance evidencing.

“We are proud to work with Verint to provide solutions and compliance services to support our customers,” said Hans Van Loon, Sales Director for United MakGroup Technologies.

With offices spread across the UAE and Bahrain, MakGroup Technologies offers full sales and support functionalities across the Arabian Gulf region.

The company offers specialised technology solutions for the trading floor including trading floor voice communications, compliance recording, specialised keyboards as well as ergonomic consoles, digital signage, AV solutions, e-billing solutions and robotic process automation.

The company has been a certified Verint partner since 2012 and recognised for its exemplary recording support across platforms for the past two decades.

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