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Access Management Systems

Multi-function security systems that facilitate secure & reliable access and identity management.

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Our multi-function security applications facilitate better management of access rights and accountability for building and property owners. Enable compliance, secure enterprise assets, and control the flow of information by enforcing entitlement and logical access controls through highly secure and easy-to-maintain embedded security management systems.


Many organizations now understand, or meet, their compliance requirements. While compliance is still a key driver in Identity and Access Management initiatives, it is now evolving into a risk-based program with capabilities focused on entitlement management and enforcement of logical access controls. Organizations are starting to achieve benefits from their IAM costs but are still challenged with managing time-intensive processes such as manual approval, provisioning and access review. Identity administration functions continue to be delivered in organizational silos resulting in users with excessive access, inefficient processes and higher cost of provisioning and de-provisioning. Our solutions can help your firm address these issues and enable compliance across the enterprise.


Our key management solution consists of a suite of multi-function security applications that facilitates better management of access rights and accountability for building and property owners. It has the flexibility of tailoring security functions to individual business needs. It intelligently keeps track of the movement of keys within a web-enabled environment. Its easy-to-maintain web-based embedded security management system provides highly secured monitoring and control of information over the Wide Area Network (WAN).



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