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Financial institutions are highly dependent on technology infrastructure to keep their operations running securely on a 24/7 basis. Whether it is the bank’s trading floor or its retail branch or even at an outsourced contact centre, we are here to cover your mission-critical environments. From compliant trading floor communications systems to ergonomic desking, intelligent keyboards to voice recording systems, proactive compliance and intelligent displays and even call management and customer experience solutions – we are here to make sure that the systems you use are truly reliable like the trust your customers have in you.


Across the public sector, there is a persistent challenge to best serve community interests and safety while also improving efficiencies and reducing expenditures. There is also the need to reliably and quickly respond to mission-critical events while effectively managing day-to-day operations and responding to everyday citizen inquiries. Our holistic approach is designed to bring order to your operations centres. We take into account ergonomics, lighting, distribution platforms, sight lines, technology infrastructure, customer engagement management and large-scale displays & monitoring to ensure that your staff have easy access to resources and programs to manage all emergent situations.


Colleges, schools and universities aspire to succeed and to lead in an increasingly complex environment. They strive to deliver excellence in teaching and learning and business while increasing operational efficiencies. Our range of solutions targeted to the education sector provide the necessary comprehensive infrastructure & consulting, implementation & migration, project management, security, and technology support services specifically designed for your environment. We offer business support systems, digital marketing, intelligent displays, AI solutions, customer engagement management and access management systems.


Travelers and hoteliers both want to engage with their customers across a host of platforms especially self-service. These channels offer new ways for mutual engagement and also help businesses gather interaction data for a better understanding of guests’ behaviors and preferences leading to better service and increased cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Our solutions can help with intelligent displays, IPTV, tailored digital marketing and even control rooms & access management solutions for effective property management.


Healthcare clients focus a lot of attention on reducing costs and increasing efficiencies and automation. But simply adding technology is not enough. To create information-driven healthcare, where data becomes knowledge and patients are empowered, technology must be integrated into the healthcare ecosystem. We have the experience of working with some of the region’s leading healthcare institutions with a proven capability in creating long-term relationships and as a result, our clients receive better, broader business benefits from the technology solutions we offer. Whether providing best-in-breed technology solutions or facilitating high-level IT infrastructure and patient engagement solutions we support our client’s long-term success.


Time is of essence in the retail industry. Whether it is promoting items during sales or assisting shoppers in store or speeding up the cash handling processes, it is important that the customer’s convenience and shopping experience is paramount to all technology adopted. Today’s customers demand that companies keep up with all the ways they shop and can be there when they need them, on the communication channels they choose. Our retail management solutions aim to create a customer-friendly environment while helping firms to meet higher levels of operational efficiency and business intelligence to stay ahead of the tight competition.