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Business Support System

Empower the most critical aspects of your business to deliver enhanced services and solutions to customers.

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Empower your next generation operators to optimize business processes, prevent revenue leakage and fraud whilst enhancing operating margins. Our solutions support customer-facing activities such as billing, revenue management, order management, customer relationship management, trouble ticketing and customer care.


Call traffic analysis provides the means to collect, analyze and report on call data and its associated costs through a standard web-browser, making this valuable information available throughout the business. It provides a clear and precise picture of call handling performance and costs, helping you plan for change and build an efficient call handling system based on accurate information rather than costly guesswork.


Enterprise customers need to effectively deal with invoicing for fixed line, mobile voice, and data services. A consolidated view of billing data across these services, the need to easily allocate inter-departmental telecom costs, and personal cost recovery have all become critical business requirements. Our e-billing solution consolidates customer billing data, from multiple billing systems, into one easy to navigate online portal that can be easily branded.


The technology can help investigators detect potential fraud and non-compliant behaviours through the use of recorded interaction playback, recorded screen playback, desktop analytics, and recorded video playback. By leveraging these solutions, institutions can reduce risk by identifying and correcting employee activities that do not comply with organizational processes or industry standards and regulations.


Our Revenue Management solutions enable you to automate and invigorate your business, by empowering you to integrate real-time billing, roaming, routing, trading, security and interconnect data into a single framework, leading to improved operational efficiencies, advanced fraud protection and increased revenue generation.



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