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Compliance Recording

Intuitive systems to mitigate risk and enhance compliance for all legal, regulatory, and internal needs.

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We offer highly resilient and secure platforms to serve the automatic, on-demand, and interaction-based recording needs of enterprises and financial institutions that require continuous voice logging for regulatory compliance, quality monitoring, and risk management purposes. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with a variety of communication hardware and software, including all major CTI, trading floors switches and CRM systems.


Assess larger samples, focus on important interactions, gain customer intelligence and target coaching to employees. Our quality management solutions enable you to leverage the power of speech analytics to evaluate large, statistically significant samples of calls. It can make quality management customer-driven by helping you balance internal policies with customer input from more interactions. The solution categorises interactions into groups by business relevance, and can eliminate human bias in the selection of interactions for evaluation. It can enable you to gather customer intelligence by focusing on interactions by category type. Using the built-in coaching module, you can deliver timely and targeted coaching to employees to help them improve their skills and behaviour for positive customer engagement.


Our desktop and screen recording and analytics solutions can track how employees navigate and use different applications, screens, and processes. It can also provide real-time guidance scripts and automation to help staff work more efficiently. This powerful solution can help firms better understand staff utilization, productivity, and performance, and use this visibility to reduce costs and deliver a more pleasing, consistent customer experience.


The business need for branch recording can vary by organization, but often it is driven by regulatory compliance, quality concerns or a focus on sales effectiveness. Having an electronic record of each customer conversation can help organizations monitor and evaluate the performance of their staff to ensure they are following required regulations and policies. Our solutions help ensure that employees in distributed locations comply with regulations and policies while offering deeper insight into how effectively they handle sales opportunities and other customer interactions.


Increasing regulations, oversight and governance requires firms to record and archive voice communications and make them easily available on demand. However, as technology grows more sophisticated, so do the fraudsters and thieves who manipulate these resources to achieve personal gain, conduct illicit activities, and circumvent the law. To be able to illustrate compliance, firms need a comprehensive strategy—backed by a robust, cost-effective solution. We have a strong heritage of excellence in engineering and a network of best-of-breed suppliers. Financial firms count on us to help them maintain and support their platforms, providing secure call recording over any dealer board or PBX solution. Selecting us as your integrator means you have a single point of contact for support and maintenance of your entire call recording infrastructure.



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