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Kramer has been at the forefront of the Pro AV industry for four decades demonstrating a clear commitment to delivering the game changing technology our clients count on. From corporate offices to college campuses, critical infrastructure to casual hospitality, regardless of the industry, wherever Pro AV is essential, Kramer solutions can be found. AV Beyond the Box At our core, we’re all about technology and an unwavering dedication to finding better, smarter solutions, not bigger boxes. The emergence of AV over IP has created enormous opportunities, not only in the development of our next generation encoders, decoders and transceivers, but the way in which we connect and manage all AV devices. Kramer Network, the Enterprise AV Management Platform, enables administrators to manage traditional Pro AV and new AV over IP devices similarly to any other IT asset. Firmware upgrades, notifications, routing and reporting can all be conveniently overseen from a distributed or centralized location anywhere in the network, regardless of the scale or scope of the installation. A World of Innovation & Education Cutting edge AV advancements require cutting edge education solutions that allow professionals to quickly adapt and get onboard. Kramer Academy answers that need with a comprehensive curriculum of online and onsite training tools. As the industry continues to transition towards ‘AV over IT’, the importance of bridging the worlds of traditional Pro AV and IT becomes even more pressing. Kramer Academy plays a vital role in ensuring the valuable experience of AV industry veterans and the enthusiasm of new IT recruits is properly utilized across the AV/IP landscape.


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